Considering the diverse and highly qualitative technological equipment, ELECTROARGES offers the interested companies the following services:

A: Processing plastics:
Materials used: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamides, polystyrene, anti-shock polystyrene, ABS, PVC, including armored materials;
1. Injection for devices with the 0.001 – 3 kg, with machines which have a closing power of 10 and 1000 tf;
2. Execution of flexible pipes made of polyethylene of low density, with 30 – 50 cm diameters;

B:  Punching
1. Punching and bending on press with 6.3 and 100 tf power.
2. Cupping and curbing on hydraulic press, with 6.3 and 100 tf power.
3. Cupping on the double effect compression mould, with 80 tf power.
4. Cupping on the press with PAUST transfer (the total power is 210 tf; eleven working seats;
the maximum depth of cupping is 125 mm; the diameter of the device is maximum 250 mm; 20 – 40 minutes-1);
5. Punching on automatic press (breadth’s band 30 – 150 mm; length 20 – 150 mm; thickness of the material 0.3 – 2 mm);

C: Mechanic splintering processing:
1. Turning, piercing, milling, rectification on universal machines;
2. Turning by copying, (maximum diameter 32 mm, maximum length 500 mm);
3. Automatic turning (maximum diameter 12 mm; maximum length 50 mm);
4. Milling cylindrical teeth – vertical or tilted teeth (nominal module 0.45 – 2);

D: Galvanic coverings:
1. Decorative coating Ni/Cr on steel (maximum dimension of the devices is 1000x500x120 mm), including in the support for small devices;
2. Protection coating, zinc coating. Maximum dimensions of the devices: 1000x500x120 mm, including in supports for small devices;
3. Punching in supports for small devices;
4. Cold treatment for small devices;

E: CNC Processing:
CNC centre by milling, turning, EDM;

F: Design and manufacture of SDV:
Design and manufacture of dies, molds, injection molds TSP, devices;

G: Painting by pulverizing in electrostatic field:
(maximum dimension of parts 300x900x300 mm);